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Madrax offers bike lockers to accommodate storage for your unique needs, whether you need to store just one bike or many. Providing protection from theft, vandalism, and harsh weather, our bike lockers are designed with you in mind. For over two decades we have handcrafted durable bike lockers that protect bikes from adverse conditions. Browse our selection of bike lockers below, and contact a Madrax bicycle storage expert at 800-448-7931 or at if you have any questions or concerns. Refer to our ECatalog for additional information.

MadLocker™ (Pie Shaped) Bike Locker
MadLocker™ (Pie Shaped) Bike Locker
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The MadLocker™ bike locker provides bicycles with the highest level of security and protection. The solid, heavy-duty construction of these units makes them practically impervious to weather, vandalism, and theft. It also means that MadLocker™ bike locker will provide many years of virtually maintenance-free service.

It is easy to add more units, so MadLockers™ bike lockers expand with your needs. All lockers are 39" wide x 74" long x 47" high. Stacked bike lockers are 39" wide x 74" long x 92" high. Bike lockers are available in powder coat finish. Other options include: padlock locking handles, pop-out T-handles with key locks, locker numbers, and two helmet/clothes hooks per locker. Perforated doors are also available.

Powder Coated

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Call for available custom finishes.

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