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Bike Parking Guide



Biking is increasingly becoming the number one choice for alternative transportation and it is important to provide secure bicycle parking. By providing bicycle parking, you will be encouraging a healthy community and environment. Cyclists' bikes are precious and we get that! So we created some easy guidelines to help you design bicycle parking that is secure and functional.


Site Planning

The First thing in planning for bicycle parking is to figure out whether you need short-term parking or long-term parking.

Short term parking provides convenient and secure parking for a couple hours or less.  Location of short-term parking should be near the main entrance of the building in a well-lit area. Bicycle racks should be 50 ft. from the entrance or closer than the nearest car parking stall. Short-term bicycle parking should be obviously visible from the entrance.

Long-term parking is best for commuters who must leave their bicycles for more than two hours. This is the most secure type of bike parking since bikes are protected from theft and weather conditions. Bike lockers are the most common and cost effective choice for long-term parking. Because long-term parking is usually located in low traffic areas, effective signage is recommended.


Choosing a Bicycle Rack

Not all bicycle racks are created equal. When selecting a bicycle rack, determine the appropriate user and where the bicycle racks will be installed. Ease of use, support of the bicycle, security, capacity, function, quality of materials and aesthetics are all considerations when purchasing bicycle racks.

When choosing a bicycle rack, make sure the rack is made out of high quality material. Choose a bike rack that supports the bicycle upright by its frame at two points; this prevents the front wheel from turning and the bicycle from tipping over. Make sure the frame and one or both wheels can be secured using a U-lock. For additional bicycle support use bicycle racks that have wheel wells.


Install Options

Racks must be securely anchored to the ground to prevent bike thieves from freeing the rack. There are three installation types: in-ground mount, surface mount, and free-standing/rail mount.

In-Ground: This is a permanent option where the bottom of the rack is encased in a concrete bed. This option is often used when installing on asphalt, grass or pavers.

Surface Mount: This is the most common option that has a flange plate with mounting holes anchored to an existing concrete pad. This option is not secure on asphalt or pavers.




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